Do you think people in California are less friendly than any other place in the USA?

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    Talk about being unfriendly, "New York" takes first place over "California"!!!

    I live in San Diego and I don't think the people out here R to friendly. I was born and raised in Iowa and I think the people in the Midwest R very down to earth.

    You people have obviously never been to Paterson, NJ. Home of the mentally deranged. Northern Cali people are extremely cool.

    I have lived in many places, including L.A., San Diego, Cleveland, S. FL, Dallas, and other parts of the country, I think in general most of the Californians that I have met were pretty friendly. Not as much when you get closer to L.A. they seem to get a little more plastic.

    Mid-West were the nicest overall.

    Wow ... I did think that when i was out there. But I did not meet everyone. But i live ib GA so we all wave to each other when we are driving past... Stranger and all. When I first moved here I thought.. Do i know them??? But no everyone waves. When I was in So Cal.. I was invisalbe.

    New Yorkers are the most unfriendly Californians are mostly friendly

    My brother moved to California.Now he doesn't talk to anybody back home.


    maybe the phone bill is too expensive. try calling him once in a while.

    No not compare to NY city or Philidelphia. I am camparing this to southern CA b/c I have never been up northern CA,

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