" cougars"..older ladies to the *uninitated"

    my question is, how do you feel about them!

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    Where were they when I was in my 20's...ha ha!


    Sure...but at my age, a cougar would be in her 70's, which must make her a "grand" cougar. A new term that you and I can "officially" take credit for.


    Damn I'm older than you cougars! SIGH... Oh well I'll go join my dirty old man's club and let you all have fun with this question. Good one roxette.


    Good answer!!, i take it you like them??


    lol.ok i hear ya, but im asking on behalf of cougars a lil younger than that!!..fifties at least..

    Many of my best friends, I love them all. They were fun, funny, thoughtful, happy and oh so loving. They taught me so much about what pleases a woman and how to behave nicely. A mature woman who can keep a young mans attention is Heaven sent.

    How much older is older... I might be one...


    Iam not quite there yet. But I think weman should feel sexy and wanted. Honestly it would be very flattering to me for a younger guy to find me desirable... So more power to the cougar.


    ohh i dunno anywhere between 47, 55 plus, i am 49 myself..


    i TOTALLY agree there, thank you for the comment!!

    George mate if you havent tried it dont knock it. Surely you heard about the bloke who asked his audience if they had ever had sex with a ghost? One little bloke up the back put his hand up. "Come on down please sir" "So you have had sex with a ghost? "Oh sorry mate I thought you said GOAT"

    I am looking for a dinosaur at my age but as a young "active" lad from my teens to thirtys I very seldom paid anything but a passing glance to dolly birds. All giggles and stupidity, and I don`t think it has changed. No my idea of a true woman was one who you could have a sensible conversation with and if you were both in agreement a "enjoyable time". Older women ARE more attractive than young ones in all ways. So go out there and spread your knowledge to the "men" of tomorrow. Show them what life really is.

    I personally feel fine about them, but I guess you could consider me a cougar, my significant other of 15 years(no wedlock here) is 10 years younger than my 60! It's all relevant..different strokes for different are only as young as you feel or profess to feel!

    Back in my teens/twentys I knew a few cougars 30's way before they had a name for older ladys with younger guys. I like them or I wouldn't have been with them. Who cares what people think. If your having fun your having fun.


    ima hearing you loud and clear and i agree with you wholeheartedly!! thank you for your comment!!S

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