Why is christianity loosing its influence in people lives today. ?

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    <a href="/users/8793/rose/">@rose</a>, the proper way to spell your question is Christianity? You may want to go into the edit section beneath your question to fix it?

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    The Bible tells us that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, that being (Satan the Devil)

    1 John 5:19: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (Satan has fostered a spirit that dominates the thinking and activities of those of mankind who are not Jehovah’s approved servants. It is a spirit of selfishness and pride that is so pervasive that it is like the air that humans breathe. We need to exercise great care not to submit to Satan’s power by letting that spirit mold our lives.

    Rev. 12:9: “Down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him.” The influence of Satan and his demons has intensified greatly among mankind. His spirit has goaded people to acts of increased selfishness and violence.

    And just as the comment Adreamer2 gave sad state of affairs, but in these days, the decrease is because of the dissatisfaction with many things attributed to religion. alot of religious folks can't be trusted as it is pretty much all you see in the news

    The Bible talks about thses days as the Last Days.

    Yeah, doesn't look like it to me either, I think because the public school system has been forced to only teach one creation theory, evolution. This is supposed to create a neutral belief environment, yet by leaving out the rest of the theories, it actually gives the kids (no choice) of what to study while attending public school.

    Many kids grow up thinking evolution is a fact based science, while it is accepted theory, it is only on of many creation theories. A equal or neutral learning environment would include all creation theories.



    It's not the schools right to promote one religion over another. Would you have a class that covers all the religions in this world just to confuse kids even more? Religion and a belief in God is the parents responsibility. They can take their kids to church to learn about that theory. In the end, the child, once an adult will decide what works best for them. Evolution, creation theory or God. The bible leaves dinosaurs out of everything. Dinosaurs existed. This is fact. The kids need to learn about them at least in the school.



    I suppose science wins out because every soul on this earth uses science in one form or another in their daily lives. Not everyone uses God. Science gives at least some form of understanding as to why it rains, why grass grows, why flowers have scents, why it snows some places and not others, how can a bird fly, are dinosaurs real...etc. Science gives more of a reason that simply, God created it, so it exists.


    Good point Leeroy. The macro evolutionary brainwashing starts when the child picks up a book on Dinosaurs. Typically, the first sentence starts out, "Millions of years ago, the dinosaurs walked on this earth."
    BTW, it is legal to teach the bible in public schools under accredited History and Literature. The parents just have to demand it from the school boards.


    Actually, there is a class that covers some of the religions which is taught in school. It is called Comparative Religions, or something similar. The bible also states that dinosaurs existed, just not under that term, since the term dinosaur didn't come into usage until approximately 1850. The bible uses the terms and describes Behemoth, Dragon, and even Leviathan. There are also plenty of basic scientific models in the bible such as Hydrology and weather found for example in Ecclesiates. Intelligent Design would be an appropriate class, since that is where the current evidence is leading.


    Yes, but Leeroy had a point, which is that the curriculum is biased towards specific belief systems that stem from science rather than religion. For one I would prefer to not study the bible in school, but I also dislike the un-harmonious nature of which schools deal with information in general. It is extremely biased towards an isolated view point of power, but that will never change so long as the education system is what it is. Work placement. Hierarchy structure.

    Even though it may appear that organized Christianity has lost its influence, Christianity (real) has not. God is still God, Jesus is still Lord.

    Secular humanism is being taught in public schools, prayer is outlawed in schools, athesist protest anything and everything that involves God so people tend to conform (see Romans 12:2)

    There is a message in Scripture which indicates a time is coming when people's desire to be whole with God will decrease.

    Even God, Himself, knew that in the 6th chapter of the book of Genesis when He mentioned to the Lord that His Spirit shall not always strive with men because we are human.

    sad state of affairs, but in these days, the decrease is because of the dissatisfaction with many things attributed to religion. alot of religious folks can't be trusted as it is pretty much all you see in the news anymore. Not much positive. People love to see Christianity down in the mud.

    But, a time is coming. Be prepared for it!

    Your sister,

    you will know them by their love not their theaology
    I am in Canada and here we have Christian schools, Khalsa schools , Catholic, etc. We are free to choose and put our money where our faith is. My kids went to Private Christian school. They were taught all about the other religions and went to many different worship places.
    They made there choices based on knowledge and yes from there homelife.
    I think if people put as much energy and time into researching the Christina faith as they do in fighting against it they would be better informed and more open minded.
    All religeons have fanatics and I am sad to say there are those amongst Christain believers as well.
    For me I believe that we all have the right to choose our own path. Jesus is about freedom of choice. I choose Him because He first chose me.

    Thumbs up Miss, A. I agree, the more information and research you do the better decision you can make, it's better to have all the information before making a decision.

    I jst want to pause a minute here & put my thumbs up to yo answer miss ANSWERS.From most of the discussion I have had had here its so clear that most pipo talk from without becoz I beliv If one has read & understood the bible its earsier to know who Jesus is without making much arguments.Unfortunately,we have to answer to some writtings raised against Jesus & Chritianity for the sake of upcoming believers.

    ""My goodness, I'm still here waiting for you all...

    Because of the preachers. You can't keep people in the dark forever.

    Calling people crazy or insulting people is just plain ignorance. To understand someone else you have to get into all the information. Like the old expression says,"Walk a mile in their shoes," no one should be jumping to conclusions and judging others. That's just my opinion...
    Thanks for the comments, I am just saying if you are going to teach one theory you may as well teach them all, that is the only truly neutral approach.

    Instead of teaching one and calling that a neutral learning environment? Being politically correct means not offending someone, but some Christian parents are offended by evolution, it's not a two way street.

    I voted up most of the answers here great discussion thanks... If you are insulting or dislike a certain group of people, but you don't even try to understand their view, what's the point?

    There is a lot of intolerance in this world, towards gay's, Christians, Muslims, or anyone that just different. I think it's important to get all of the information, and not to make judgments. The more open minded you are, the less you will hate or dislike other people. That would make the world a much better place to live in....
    Great to see the crazies are still using this site.
    I live in France where since 1905 churches (all) have had to keep their holy noses out of education. One spin off from the 1905 law is that the State has to restore the church buildings.

    Because they changed their minds.

    Its not all decline. The unbeliever would like to let us think that. There are many growing churches and a lot of good work going on. In the East thousand come to the Lord every dday. God is not on the back foot. We keep marching on. Come on Christian. Lift up your heads.

    You'd never know it by this site.

    man has three parts .body , mind .spirit. that were built or evoed ,grew,in stages. HOMO ERECTUS was the body.HOMO SAPIENS-SAPIENS was the mind. We are now halfway through the third stage I call HOMO SPIRITIOUS. WE have less than 500 yrs left to learn to live in the sprit.As is par for mankinds way of stepping in shoes hes not ready for,we have the G effect, MEN EVERYWHERE think they are gods already and dont need to be a man like god to earn the status of GODLIKE MAN.

    I think they have experinced judgemental christians,hypcritical,anti homosexual,uncompassionate,non forgiving people ,christian-non christians ( no difference )


    Rose has a good point as well, it doesn't matter what you call yourself, Christian, Humanist, Muslim, Jew, etc... People are still human. There is good and bad in every group of society. Some claim to be what they are not, others show what they are with their actions, while others simply are what they appear to be.


    Well I don't know for a fact but I'm assuming that most of the pro christian opinion comes from the US,aye i know i'm making judgements and assumptions but don't we all.I can only talk about the UK but we are a secular society.Religion has killed,persecuted,victimised and marginalised hundreds of thousands throughout our history and is the cause of deep divisions held for centuries that still divide today.In fairness religi? has done good aswell but its no surprise that we have long believed that the religion and the church is best kept far removed from government and state.We got read the bible,sung hymes at assembly etc at primary n secondary RE (religious education was compulsory till 4th year).We are a secular country which means religion is the individuals choice n should be left out of education.

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