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    my mom had a workmans comp case and was about to settle but found out she had cancer and soon passed away.what happens to her settlement

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    *TALK TO A WORKMAN'S COMP LAWYER, I have one and He makes sure that they do what they are supposed to be doing, sorry to hear about you Mom! Hope you stay on them we pay taxes all our lives to have these benefits, you should keep pursuing this and not let them out of their responsibilities *

    I can't answer that question but my sympathies to you over the loss of your mom.


    THANK YOU. .......

    Well because it was not settled , there most likely won't be anything come out of it. Being it was her injury you will not receive a payout. I am sorry about the loss of your mom. Best to let the stuff you can't change go and try to keep the love for your mother what you are focusing on. I could be wrong here but having dealt with comp for years with my ex is hard to get pensioned period.

    Contact a W/C Atty, It still could be considered part of her estate, they still have all med reports xrays etc of injury get a lawyer.

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