who should be considered the single most important rock performer ?

    who is the single most influential rock artist of all time?

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    So many rock stars,so little time.:)

    Lennon & McCartney are stand outs,Elvis of course,The big "O",Van Morrison,The Eagles & I won't even get into the girls who have some outstanding performers.

    I think it is chuck Berry.""

    bob dylin

    would Hendrix or Tyler have come along without the likes of Buddy Holley,Elvis,or Lennon-Mc Cartney?

    Jeff Denoyer

    You tell him!


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    Jimi Hendrix is one off hand but it's hard to choose, seems like there's more than one. Will soon hear from all I'm sure on this one!

    also Chuck Berry ... Thanks Whovin!


    No one, everyone will always have their own opinion.

    Elvis Presley, for sure.

    ....Jackie Wilson or B. B. King

    That title has to go to Bill Haley and The Comets..the true beginning of true Rock and Roll>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..Image result for bill haley and the comets photos

    All of them were influenced by Elvis Presley ; and even he said he was influenced by black rhythm and blues performers he saw live in Memphis. If you watch videos of Micheal Jackson wiggling around on stage while singing Billie Jean, you can really see Elvis in his moves. The Beatles were frankly awestruck by Elvis and got interested in Rock and Roll from listening to him...........especially John Lennon.

    whats so important about them? they bleed gold boullion or something? just people in the public eye


    Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Steven Tyler, Elvis of course. And Buddy Holly who may be the one who started it all. Music makes me happy.

    i love music ! i just dont idolize the musicians

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