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    if someone is on ss disability,can i earn money working and how much?

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    Yes you can work you need to check with your case worker to see how much you can make .... SS is not for lazy ppl who want a check. Many ss reciepiants want to be fuctioning members of sociey and for either physical, emotional, or intellecually reasons they can't. That does not mean they should sit at home and rot. Get out try to enjoy what you can out of life.

    SS disability is for the folks who don't know, social security disability insurance that someone gets when they are no longer able to work due to health issues. It is dependent upon what you have earned as a viable employee somewhere along the line and it varies state by state. Yes, you can work up to a certain amount of income above what you earn yearly and/or monthly, depending upon how you compute it and what state you reside in. I have been told by other folk, not to do it as they tend to look at the fact that you are able to sustain some sort of employment as a sign that you are capable of working. Subsequently (according only to what I've heard, no verifiable answers here) they may to reevaluate you for SSDI, another physical, more doctor info needed, etc. etc., so I don't really know if you should go there! Check into it! Hope this helps!

    what is this ss disability, please?...

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