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    why are people who come into the USA without proper documentation called"illegal aliens"? When they come from outer space,they never have proper documentation yet they are not called "illegal aliens" they are just "aliens"

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    Maybe they should hitch a ride on a UFO and then they won't be considered illegal

    Yes if aliens from outer space had to do the paperwork the government would have to admit that they really exist.

    Perhaps they should be called illegal immigrants or refuges as aliens does sound like they are from outer space, don't ya' think?

    Because if aliens from outer space were considered illegal, governments would have to take responsibility for their deportation. And that would be costly...

    If you were out walking and a spaceship landed in front of you, would you get in a fight with the guy over wheather or not he was here legally??


    True, and wouldn't the lines at the D.M.V. be much longer, and at immigration, forget about it.....

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