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    who wrote the bible?

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    The bible was written by over 40 different holy men, prophets of God. Who were inspired by God's Spirit. These men dedicated their lives to their beliefs. It was written over a span of 2,000 years, yet somehow it all fits together somehow. It is still the best selling book of all times. Archeologists still use it as a guide to find lost cities. It has been proven time and time again to be historically accurate. Many people say how it has flaws,yet no one has ever proven the flaws.
    Minus a spelling or word here or there..... The Dead Sea Scrolls were written in the first century and have only proven how accurate our modern Bible is today. It is almost exactly perfect when compared to the first century version. So what or where are these flaws you are talking please be specific. If scholars, Christian and secular, can't find them, where have you?

    The Tao is full of neat sayings of a wise man, but it has no rules to live by or GOD. Tao disappeared after writing this hopefully he found the real GOD.

    All teachings Tao, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Hebrew etc. are generically forms of various Bible forms.

    several people I believe.. even roman emperor Constantine, he even put himself in the bible. It's all rubbish my friend. =] Some of it is true and has spiritual truths, but if even some of it is a lie, then it all is. It is an allegorical text upon which what you get out of it depends on your own level of awareness. The bible is too large to be all true.. read the Tao, it was written 2000 years before the christian bible, and is all true, and isn't very big. =]


    How do you know the Tao is any more factual than the Bible? I dont buy into most of the crap in the bible! I think it was a compilation of rubbish written by opium smoking, self proclaiming prophets!

    Tao went on to create a very good chicken recipe called General Tao's chichen!

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