E=Mc2 is M an illusion

    Is mass an illusion created by velocity? No velocity no mass.

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    The point is that the chaos principle of quantum physics states that in a nutshell the atom is made up of protons and netutrons and the distance between them is like the distance from one end of Westminster Catheedral to the other. In other words the amount of space contained in a whole atom is 99.99% recurring. Therefore mass itselff has an insignificant amount of actual solidity.


    So if mass is an illusion of mass,,or if mass is dependant on anobserver,,ie; the collapse of the wave function. But would say a space ship at zero v in relation to the expansion of the universe have zero mass? If so a spot light would be a rocket engine,,for one shot only as any v would impart m,,however at zero v the laws of physics would be differant and who knows what is possible in this alternate space time referance??/

    Velocity is relative to an observer,,ie: also an illusion,My mind is going to explode, From the edge of the observable universe we are exceeding light speed just as the light from them will never reach us,,so velocity relative to what? The expansion of the fabric of space, Can an object break free of it? +c or no velocity,,wormholes?

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