The end of the world could be....what?

    "The end of the world" of Biblical lore and various noted people does not necessarily have to look like 2012...the movie. It could be something else...perhaps the end of lies, wouldn't that be interesting...the king has no clothes on global scale. Or perhaps the end of illusions...We had a brush with that with the events and development of the Double-Blind test. Lots of folk got really upset with that one. The discovery of secrets like wikileeks but on a pandemic basis would be rather sobering. So as not to get caught with your hands in the cookie jar like Madeoff might I suggest cleaning up your act. What we are going through now in the Middle east looks like the same thing to me. If these events are like the earthquakes that occur before an erruption get the picture. Yep, Its "OH-S---" time again.

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    The world ends for me each night when I go to sleep and reappears in the dawn. At dawn there is an opportunity to find happiness or something less. I choose happiness at dawn each day, for the whole day and I am seldom disappointed with my choice. I know this may be an answer that lacks the sophistication the question suggests, but this is the answer that I think is best. The ends of nearly all of my days has been to simply sleep...then awaken to happy opportunities in the dawn. I cannot imagine a world that would loose confidence in this simple pattern to go about in some awkward way.

    Life as we know it...

    it could be any minute any time , best be prepared to stand before christ and give testamoney for your life, why wait till it's to late once that door slams shut....ooooo scariest thing imiganable

    The Lord God said we will not know the day or hour,he will come like a theif in the night.As far as 2012 goes i bealive something majorly bad is going to happen,but not the end.

    Only He knows. Are you ready.

    ROBERTGRIST, your response to this query, was most profound and inspirational. Indeed you have the true sight. Thank you for share the Good. ;)

    Maybe it is the end of the world as we know it. Not the destruction of humanity. This could come in various ways like you suggest in your question. What if it is a visitation by a superior life form from space? That would be the end of the world as we know it.


    Cultural disruption by Chariots of Fire etc is not on the agenda from what I've seen. The world seems like a very different place when i understood an uncommon truth. But it can also be personally alienating when, what you know to be true, has not been experienced by anyone else.

    2012 marks the time of our spiritual awakening. The government scares people with doomsday crap so they are distracted from themselves.. people are always distracted from themselves. It's time to wake up and look inward, the powers that be will do everything they can do distract you from the importance of this and spiritual enlightenment. They have kept information from the masses for centuries and milleniums even, look up the Flower of Life, it's a shape that helps human kind ascend spiritually.

    To start, there is no "God". (research astrotheology) so don't bother looking to him for answers about 2012. Who knows, is it going to be then end of the world? Probably not! Could be the end of life as we know it! one thing's for sure, its definitely the end of something. The Mayan calendar even predicts it, December 12, 2012. That is the end of their calendar. Well here's one for ya, maybe that so called calendar was just some stupid board game they used to play and we've wasted our time putting so much thought into this and came up with this elaborate story about an ancient society and their calendar. Maybe, maybe not, but whatever. Just live every day in the moment and try not to think to much about tomorrow, deal with it when it comes.

    Esoterically - in the "Mysteries" it generally means the end of an Age, each of which, measured by the Greater Zodiac, are a periods of approximately 2160 years. This is the Zodiac, not measured like thouse of the Earth by its months, but of the Solar System, by its Ages. The Signs are the same although this Greater Zodic revolves counter clock wise. It takes 2160 years to pass through one sign. One might say a month for the Solar System is 2160 years. We are presently moving out of the Picean Age, which at its begining brought us the Master Jesus, "the Christed" which is the Spirit of the Christos, LOVE. WE are now in the overlap of Pices and the dawning of Aquarius. The ending of the Age or "World" of Pices and the new birthing of the Age of Aquarius.


    I gave a TU for your 1st (entitled to) answer :)

    it mite be the end of the calendar but not the end of the world!!! They can make more calendars its just that the Mayans didn't want to waste there time making so much!



    The world won't end. If the earth was going to destroy its self then scientists would have known tens of years before it happened. If a meteor was coming NASA would have tracked it for a very long time anyway. The mayan calender does not show the end of the world. It ends because instead of decades and milleneums they have 513 year cycles and 2012 is the end of it.


    The way i see it,why would they tell us?That would cause panic,they scienstist our government know alot more than they say.If you bealive in the word of God then you have to bealive his word.The world as we know it will no longer be.Bealive that

    don't even think about it because you know its true they just want to scare you

    For me, the end of this world will be when I leave it.

    ROBERTRIST, I responded here to your e-Mail as I am new to this AKA site and don't know how to respond to a E-mail response LOOL :)

    Chuckles . . . let us not forget death itself is the end of the world for worldly men, for they have no understanding of  what is the Everlasting.  Death only resides in the realm of illusion in the Shadows; that which is temporal, material, physical.  The true Life is beyond such literial concepts and measures, yet resides in the very midst of it, dearming, its dreams; its incarnations, while simply passing through its ":man phases" of Eternity. 

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