health issues concerning eating habits

    Is it un healthy to eat just one meal a day?

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    probaly not as bad as eating 10 meals a day


    lol -- a thumb up for you AGAIN

    My dog only gets one meal a day and hasn`t hurt her.

    Same as what the doc puts om my tablets .....take one four times a day

    I eat one meal 4 times a day. lol


    a thumb up for u 2!
    in the past i had bad habits with my daily meals & snacks i tried every deit & gained the weight back just recenlty 3 yrs ago I weighed 250 pounds now I weigh 170 pounds I did it with the CD from Paul McKenna " I Can Make You Thin" its hypnoises & it really works I didnt have to diet I ate what I wanted when I get hungry but I noticed I eat less and I stop eating when I feel full I do not over eat anymore I have been listening to McKenna CD for 3 years and I kept off the weight my friends tell me that I look younger too I feel great! I luv my new clothes too its fun to go shopping now its not like 3 yrs ago when I dreaded to go shopping for clothes. try it I bought my CD at its cheaper then barnes & noble

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