electrical outlet hookup

    when installin an electrical outlet to your house the hot wire goes to the circuit breaker in main panel. and the ground wire goes to the ground connections to the panel. where does the neutral wire hook up to?

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    papa peg

    Do you have a breaker box.

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    If you don't have a ground bar it can be hooked to the neutral bar, it's the same thing.

    I have only changed outlets and light fixtures, I am not an electrician. I do know that in the usa the green wire is usually the ground wire, the black wire is usually a power wire, and the white wire is usually another power wire. I hope that helped?

    Ground bar...


    Yeah it's when you drop a chocolate bar on the ground, but you wipe it off and eat it anyway.

    The neutral hooks on the ground bar.My breaker box has two ground bars.One side has ground wires the other has neutral.Do you only have one ground bar.

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