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    My son found out he had a son 8 months after the baby was born. There was no contact for well over a year with the lady in question. She is refusing to give the child our last name as she wants all of her children to have the same initials. The name she is using is her oldest childs last name and was never her last name. How can she get away with this. She lives in Michigan we live in New York

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    Sorry about your situation but I do wonder why it is important to you if your son has waited over a year to have contact with her. And we do have to be thinking what is best for the child's future>

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    Her baby her name selection? Where was your son when she was prego? Your son could adopt another or get a dog. Is he going to send her money everyday or has he been? Sounds like you and your son have a bad case of I wants. Sorry if I sound uncaring but it doesn't sound like your son was very comited to her and if he pursues his way of thinking he will get to pay for the child for the next 17.33 years. Do you want the name changed or to love and care for the child?

    I think you don't need to interfere on her situation.

    drop it mommie...none of your beeswax............

    If she never married your son,she can choose whatever name.

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