The user and emotional abuser

    Do you think men should go online to seek out lonely and vulnerable women for selfish purposes and lie to them telling them that they are the only one when there are several others that they are doing this too and should they be exposed.

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    I do not think anyone should do that to another be it online or in life to anyone be it male or female.

    Not at all but it happens...kind of like the buyer beware idea when you are dating online.It is up to the individual to be sensible and listen to their gut feelings.Trust is earned not just handed over due to loneliness.If they are doing this and you find out ...then be glad you discovered their true intent. To make it public might work but would it be to warn others or out of spite from being hurt.

    ole hipster

    Great answer Mom!

    Who here would AGREE to this question? Seems pretty heartless if you did. Deliberately hurting a woman's feelings like that is cruel and inhumane.

    A person like this, has no honor, God never shares his wifes name so man could be heartless, women are the key to life, love and respect them.

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