How the eff can you tell the difference between lust and love? :(

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    Hard questin but, I hope my answer helps some. Thumbs up for you on this good question!


    Love is a principle that does change with the passing of time. Just like the law of gravity. None is exempt from its effects if you jump off the empire state building, you will fall down. That is a principle. Love works like that and does not stop all throughout eternity. However, lust is an emotion that fades away when it is satisfied just like having sex fades away after 30 minutes or so for some and three minutes for others. Let me share again, love is a principle that does not change while lust is an emotion.

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    Love is a verb, it is unconditional and lust is an emotion that passes like others. What i am trying to saying is have you ever met a totally fine girl or guy and started a sexual relationship? Well if it is just lust, if that person decided you should not have sex any more you would quickly lose interest- Lust. If you were in true love that would not matter to you and you would still want to be around and see that person. You might still have the urge but, you would respect her or his wishes. To love someone you must respect that person to be in lust with someone requires no respect.


    oh man. then i must love him. i am attracted to him physically and would love to make love anytime, but if we didnt it doesnt mean i wouldnt want to see him anymore. i think about him ALL the time. he is the sweetest guy and know and has such a good heart. and hes smart. and funny. and athletic. and i've never been more honest with another human being than i was with him. :/

    Love is synonymous with sacrifice and therefore resides in the will of a person. When you love someone you put their good above your own regardless of the cost to yourself.

    Lust is in emotions and take little consideration for the other.

    Lust is devoid of love. Love is from the heart, not from between your legs.

    I believe most relationships start with lust. Chemistry flies, it takes all you can to not touch one another, the thrill is intoxicating. There is nothing wrong with is healthy but love takes awhile. Maybe if you have been friends with your now partner for a long time and have grown attached to who they are way beforehand, I can see love being a stronger reality. Love is when you start to notice the little things that pick at you but you can still accept them. Love is accepting the flaws and not wanting to change your partner or fix anything.It can take years to truly fall in love completely with a partner...deep love anyways.Enjoy the ride and relax...if it meant to be it will flow.

    It isn't just lust and love, but love from the mind and love from the soul. Lust and love from the mind are the same, so think of them as the same. Love from the soul goes in to divine territory and has nothing to do with attraction and as above stated, is a verb. Know the distinction. It is a choice and an ability. Therefore, love the ones you are with, and don't confuse selfish love or sentimental feelings for divine love. Much love! =]

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