Does God hear our prayers?

    I used to be Christian catholic, its how i was raised. but lately as i get older and have a deeper understanding of things, the more to me it seems very unlogical for there to be a "God" some spirit having control over everything and being all powerful. but if he is this great, why doesnt he help the people he created? If he can hear our prayers why doesnt he do anything about it. he must know the world is in chaos. yet he lets such tragedies such as the holocaust happen, all because of one person. could he not just have struck Hitler down with lighting instead of some random innocent person because it was "their time"? why couldn't it have been Hitlers "time"? because i think he was way passed due. But for my personal belief, just for the small chance and worry in the back of my mind i still pray sometimes and tell myself i do believe so if i die at any time i go to heaven if there is a heaven or hell. comments? answers?

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    papa peg

    Maybe you should ask satan.hes ruling the world right now.One day very soon JESUS CHRIST will come back for his people.And satans day's will be numbered.

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    It sounds like you want to know why God doesn't ANSWER prayer, not if he hears our prayers. Yes, God hears our prayers, but doesn't always act according to our will, but His. If you want God to answer your prayers, ask Him first what His will is for you, then you will be able to pray towards these ends, and you will find your prayers getting answered more often.
    The question isn't why God didn't stop Hitler, the question is why didn't PEOPLE stop him before they did. We are here to experience the opportunities to help others and fight injustices, again, according to His will. We also judge our world according to how we think God should conduct this world, and most of the time we don't understand why He does or doesn't do things we wish He did.
    We are all given the free will towards great goodness, but also great evil, and unfortunately, we have a terminal illness of evil to one degree or another, and will eventually die because of it. It is why Jesus died for us, to defeat the evil of death, so we can have our relationship restored once again with Him, forever.


    In the midst of life's sorrow's when we pray and wonder why he wont answer he promised that he shall be with in the good times and the bad times he hears and will answer in the right time .

    As I have stated in other answers some of God's greatest gifts are what we see as unanswered prayers.....he sees the big picture we do not.


    when u satrt ur prayers u should first ask to be forgiven,even though we r saved we still sin.god does answer prayers in his own time ,it may not be what u want it will always be his will for he knows what we need better then we do.

    Gods presence in a man is Life itself, not personality which is the body servant.  Therefore God hears all thoughts, and deeds in the instant, as well as in the consciousness of prayer.  There is nothing He does not know about one.  For being the reality; the very Life of men, He is mortalized, thus ever present.    

    If you ever want to be sure that God is listening to your prayers...pray for me He'll answer. ha

    only if not asleep

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