removal of fathers last name from birth certificate

    my dauther is 2. her last name is hyhenated with her fathers last name and my maiden last name. he is not on the birth certificate and did not sign the paternity at the hospital. he has no contact with her since she was a week ols. she was born in texas and we live in washington state. i am wanting to remove his last name and just leave my last name

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    Contact the Social Security office.

    I believe you would have to have a legal change of her name which means you need to contact an attory to process paperwork through the State of Texas Superior Court in the county she was born in.

    I had my last name changed from my father to my stepfather's.I had to go to a lawyer to have it changed.It cost me about $700.00. Don

    I changed mine and my sons by deed poll at stephens solicitors 9 years ago.It cost then 250 but if your on a low wage its free with legal aid. Be fast though before the goverment stop that aswell. goodluck its a hard decision but you'll be glad you did.

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