how to cure an heartache?

    My boyfriend just broke up with me after 1 year of relationship. He said he was never over his ex all this time we were together, it hust so much i begged and asked his to give me a chance. He said he needds some space to think about it to make sure if he wants his Ex or me? i can't get over him, i try to go out socialize and stay busy with fmaily and firends but nothing makes me happy. What can I do to get out of this feelings?:(

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    I am guessing that you are young by the question so you really love him and you don't want to move on? Many times when people say they need that they need their space or time to think, they already know the answer, they might be afraid to hurt someone they care about, fewer times than usual they don't know what they want.

    The old expression says if you love someone set them free, and if they come back to you, they love you back. But the problem is the wait is painful and they may never come back to you. (The best thing to do is start dating again.) Why would you want someone that doesn't want you? There is nothing wrong with you, that's his problem. Get back up on the horse and go for a ride, live your life.

    If you sit there feeling sorry for yourself it can cause you all sorts of problems. If it is meant to be, or written in the stars than it will happen for you. If not, you have to try to enjoy your life and be as happy as you can.

    Maybe by this ending now the way that it did is saving you a lot of problems in the future.
    If you are busy with the wrong guy, what happens when the right guy comes along?

    Good luck with this, in time it will hurt much less, but it's out of your control and you might as well get on with your life. Don't get dragged down mourning a possibly dead relationship.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Bob Waffle

    Ya need to keep on keeping busy. Don't over think this, if he comes to you then it was probably meant to be. And if he doesn't, there isn't just one person other for you "there's Lots"


    Thanks for the help. I have gone thru the same thing.

    I know it hurts but you have to let go and go on with your life. It is hard but you can do it.



    I say this to myself all the time and it really does help and in time, it shall be true, that this too shall pass.

    Time is the only cure

    In my situation, I went after our disasterous first date and tried to make friends. He seemed ok till he met this older woman. She completely took him over. He told friends he didn't like the way things were going. Time passed. She found out I still liked him. She phoned me but I didn't answer. She text me and I said when he tells me I will not talk to him again. In January, I congratulated him on his facebook page. I got a message back to not "bother" him again. I think it was her because it didn't sound like him. So my heart broke but I messaged back "good bye".

    My problem is seeing him around. It happens and it may again soon be very close to my home. Just when I start to heal, he (and she) is there again. I am trying to move on but it is hard in a small area where you bump into everyone all the time!


    She uses him cell phone and that is why I suspect it was her on the facebook message. Then I was blocked. So be it.

    Girls are emotional creatures, and if you abandoned your emotions, then you would cause worse problems for yourself... so I suggest to you not to distract yourself for you will only prolong the hurt, but instead to focus on the pain and become aware of it.. you may make yourself stronger. :] goodluck to you.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through this experience, but it is just that an experience and a temporary one at that!

    He sounds like he is confused and like he says needs space to think. Give it to him, you will be glad you did. Then if he does come back to you he did it on his own without prodding from you.

    One thing you can do is set up an alter, like when someone dies. This will give you closure and help on a spiritual level. Put several pictures, a candle, and something of his. Then, when you get sad go to your alter and reminisce. Also, make sure all the memories and things of his are gone or out of sight except for this alter. It should be out of the way too, like in a corner.

    Then, get busy, go productive things and things good for yourself. Don't smoke, drink, or be alone. Stay active and get enough sleep. Also, it really feels good when you are suffering from grief to volunteer. Think of all the people who need help (like in a school, nursing home, etc.) where you could help out. By doing something for someone else it not only feels good, it gets your mind off your own problems.

    There are lots of articles on line about greif too you might want to read up on. Grief is a funny animal, it can visit when you least expect it too. There is a cycle to and everyone goes through this cycle differently. I've been there.

    Be good to yourself and remember, there are other men out there! Good luck.

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