Who really owns USA?

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    The Koch Brothers & Rupert Murdoch.
    America is not owned ..... we all are just leasing the space we have from the banks, the government, in fact the saying wa AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE ! Its only free if you are not AMERICAN...... We the AMERICANS are paying for every one to come live here FREE ! Our Taxes , Our UTILITIES , We are bring ripped off on food, GAS,imagine this...... if we sent every illegal person home, and took all the money we spend on them in to a account, then we AMERICANS use that money to take CARE of the OLD AMERICANS that are in need of medicine, shelter, food, RETIREMENT, old people are working till they are 75 if they make it there. These people were told at 65 they would have there money the USA took out of every paycheck ..... the USA has used up their money and now the AMERICAN people are told they have to live below POVERTY LEVEL or work another 10 years, and you can LIVE LOW TRAILER PARK LEVEL. IN A GHETTO. BY AGE 75 .... they need medical care , oh that AMERICA WON"T GIVE THEM, FULLY, THEY NEED A SUPPLEMENTAL MEDICAL PLAN TOO. THAT THEY PAY TOO MUCH FOR WHAT IS COVERED. THEY MEDICINE NEEDED COST A SMALL FORTUNE TOO. SO ..... AMERICAN people take care of everyone else who has run from their Homeland, who don't pay taxes, send our money from the COUNTY AID we provide, to the family's they left in their homeland, and they get low income utilities, money grants to start businesses and they won't HIRE an AMERICAN ! Treat AMERICANS like we are in their WAY.... But when asked on T.V News they say I LOVE AMERICA!

    you have only your own blame for this. the us spend a majority of the treasury on defence in the name of socalled freedom in other countries. guilty by suspicion
    there are more so called (irish) in america than in ireland so it must be them!!!!!!!!!

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