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    Why does it say in the Bible that you shouldn't judge anybody but still every christian judges someone

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    Grit Savage

    that's what most christians do! judge anyone who doesn't believe or agree with them!

    so not a hypocritical question there leeroy, just an accurate observation of hypocrites with a question seeking confirmation of the said observation. :-)


    Here you are making a statement about every christian judging and you are standing here in judgment. Your statement or question is judgment. Why do people judge other people may be a better way to ask the question?

    Don't you get it you are asking a hypocritical question?

    4 Answers

    You are judging all Christians with your question, how ignorant is that? Why do you judge all Christians?

    Like I have said before,Christians aren't perfect,we do a lot of things people in the flesh do,and judging is one of them,it's a work in progress on a daily basis,that's why Jesus died for our sins.

    you would have to know "every christian" to make a statement like that in my judgement!!

    It is not my job to judge.... Thank God it isnt. It would be a full time job. No pay.

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