I would like to know some secrets to quiting smoking....

    I'm thinking about stopping smoking and I would love some hints about making it less painful. Don't dwell on the health issues, I know it's bad for me....

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    Jharian, the only thing I can tell you is this .... I got throat cancer thanks to smoking. I quit smoking and after seven year the found the cancer. They told me it was already there and when I quit  I just slowed the "growing" of it. So, my advice to you is QUIT right now, a.s.a.p. Its not fun to go through all the "crap" that cancer give us. So please do yourself and your love ones a big favor. Just quit, no matter how you will accomplish this, just do it !. Good luck and God bless you.

    Sorry to say,there is no magic wand.Just like any addiction,all you can do is refrain from lighting up,easier said than done.If you really really want to do it you can.You will need Plenty of willpower and shear determination.Good luck.

    Just quit a few weeks ago... The only adivce I have is.... Stop buying them.


    By the way there Jenn are you still hanging in there with the quitting You can do it

    Yes I am... I bought a bag of cherries and a bag of grapes, hoping I can quit biting my nails. But It really was a bad time to quit... Way too much stress... But I promised Dad I would quit before he died.

    Good for you Jenn,keep up good work,your nails will grow back...

    good for you Jenn keep up the good work

    What do you do about the crving Jenn.

    I am eating grapes and cherries... Going for walks.... It is not the cravings that are bothering me it is the stress.

    The only secret is determination.  Call 1-800-NO-BUTTS.  They can help you. 

    Rethink  your addiction to cigarettes  ,  your brain will play all kinds of tricks on you,  start by  remembering  your best friend  CIGS.  is trying to kill you,  the 1st and last thing  you did each day was  your cigs.  b4 coffee during breaks at work, lunch, dinner,  and  hoochiee coochiee befor sleep was that last cig.  think like your best friend  is now  your worst enemy, who wants to do nothing but harm you.   pick a day  too quit and throw  all remaining  stuff away,  and remember each and every day  the urge to quit  will get better  and no matter what  the urge will pass  . I was a 3 pack a day  smoker and quit 13 yrs ago  when I quit as I just described to you,   Oh   you must really  down deep in your heart want to  quit , to make this work

    Two words:  COLD TURKEY!

    where did you get the electronic cigarette?


    I'd like to know this too

    I had smoked since 1975 until last year and only quit one time for about two days or so a couple of times when I was sick. I was so afraid I would never be able to quit. I was terrified actually. I craved cigarettes. I was smoking ultra lights but still couldn't go without them for longer than break to break at work. Last fall, I got an electronic cigarette thinking the water vapor would be better for me than cigarettes and I'd smoke it when I was at home. That was my plan. Well after the first time I smoked it, I lost a lot of my affinity for cigarettes. I smoked the electronic cigarette most of the time then. I smoked it about 60 or so times--I mean puffed on it, not smoked it like a whole cigarette 60 times. Then I just didn't want to smoke anymore. A few times I thought about cigarettes but not enough to light one up. Now I rarely think about it at all.

    You might want to try it. It worked for me.


    Thanks, I think this is the way I want to go. You've encouraged my thinking. wish me luck. (I'm a two pack a day of the cigar type smokes)

    hypnosis works as well buddy and i went to group session that was im 2000 i started smoking again almost 10 years to the day..(stupid i know) but he hasn't had one since.. i gave myself a deadline saturday sep.10 at midnight! i know i can do it, after 3 days it's all phscological (sp)....

    takes three days to get nicotine out of your body. after that its ll in our head. i used peppermints for that hand to mouth habit. i  been a quitter for 14 years! come join the quitters club everyone. well try to help. good luck all

    Don't say you are THINKING about it,(and please don't think i'm being mean,fore I'am a 40 year smoker myself),but thinking about it is the wrong word.Get it started in one way or another,take a couple of week's and try to get down to one pack a day or like Jenn is doing,a little fruit when you get the crave ( not the nail biteing lol).If you smoke in the house,take a look at the "tar" on everything,if you smoke in your car,take a look at your windows and know thats inside your body also..You can do it without the electronic cigarette,take it slow and don't beat yourself up when you backslide.I wish you all the luck in the world..


    You are right on all points but, at this stage, I'm only thinking about it... Too costly and my breathing sucks. I've tried a puff or two of the electronic smokes and I like them and they'd keep my hands busy... Thank you for your encouragement.


    I have used "Lent" as an opportunity to change behavior, and no, I'm not Catholic.  One year, I gave up soda (and I drank over 1/2 gallon per day).  It didn't feel right to just grab a Big Gulp when I awoke on Easter morning just because I could.  I was "proud" that I had been able to stay away from it for six weeks, so I just took it a day at a time after that.  I have been carbonated-free for over two years.

    Smoking is tough, though.  Surround yourself with support (not naggers).  And follow the good advice given here by everyone.  I wish you well!


    good answer Bob lol

    thank you melandrupert

    Thank You!

    I found a web site that advertised the electronic cigarette. I ordered it and it arrived in the mail soon after.

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