What is the meaning of "The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum"

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    Another way of looking at it is that the people who need supervision are giving orders. A good example would be a child who throws a tantrum and the parent gives in to it.  Most parents do not allow their kids to get whatever they want because they scream, kick, and cry.  The ones who do have lost the leadership position they should maintain.


    I dont beleve this I want to go out and play again,So there,

    Go sit in the corner. 10 minutes time out! (not)

    It  means the unsavories are in charge………..

    It's like saying ........the fox is guarding the hen house

    Don't know about that but the name lunatic comes from the saying that when there is a full moon, out comes the 'LUNA-tics."

    There's something behind this too, it is a fact that when there is a full moon, crime goes up. (watch out, there's a full moon tonight)

    Scientist proved this theory in animals, there is an enzyme or brain activity that occurs during the full moon, they haven't figured out why but they think that it is something from prehistoric times. Things that are normal functions of the body, one of these is stomach acid, where it helps in digestion, it is theorized that in the design of mankind, it was there to kill off bacteria and germs that would come from eating bad meat..

    It's normally something that someone might say when the party they didn't vote for wins an election.

    well just like all of nature the strongest and often most craziest and aggressive tend to win over others, and take over. look at some true history books and you see this dynamic, in every country and also all through out the animal kingdom. 'survival of the fittest' is the first law of nature. plus that law is always in operation even if we don't see it overtly in civilized societies today. it's operating.

    It means just what it says, the crazy people have taken over the nuthouse.
    In "The Fun Boy Three" song, it seems to indicates that people in power have taken over and that they are the Lunatics?

    Very true.

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