true meaning of an independent woman???

    to me this is one very true definition of an independent woman:A true indepenent women can take care of herself financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally.IF she chooses to have a partner in her life, it is because she wants one - not because she needs one. An independent woman can admit when she is wrong. She can admit her faults. She can learn from her mistakes. She will persevere through hard times.AND if she ask someone for something does not make her NEEDY...

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    you took the words  from my mouth  well done


    yes matheneyg...I understand...thanks!but credits not to me=I copied it from a person online...cannot remember the site though but this is to me one very true definition of an independent woman...Everything she is saying is exactly what I believe...the last sentence is my own...but she nailed it and I think many will also agree to this definition

    i am a woman and I so love seeing a new life thru a woman...i love pregnant women but this is not telling you I love them in a lustful way or I want to have sex with them 2 FUNNY!but I get the point you are making...

    So telling you I prefer women barefoot and pregnant wouldn't go over too well right now..... correct?

    If a woman wants a relationship without needing one ... it will fail.

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