Anyone know if these are actual lyrics to any song?

    "Do you all remember me I was the number one in the street getting everything and anything that I need. Even getting a b*&%h in bed funding the best getting the rest of her."

    It goes on but gets pretty graphic. Again, it was from my 12 year old nephews room and we are quite concerned about what he may be getting into or is it just dinking around? Either way we need to take action but I need some ammunition when we confront him. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    I've put the words into a couple lyrics search engines and they didn't come up with anything. This does not mean they aren't from a song however. If he has access to the internet and you-tube, there are a lot of self promoters there who post videos of their songs. But it doesn't end with you-tube. There are a lot of sites where unsigned artists can promote their songs. As for your other question concerning the code, I've put it into a search engine also and found nothing on the web for it.


    <a href="/users/975/colleen/">@Colleen</a> - radiobabe is pulling your chain. Check out the question, "where does this code belong too".

    I've used the above site many times to look up song lyrics of songs I THOUGHT I was singing the right way and was wrong. Funny how you sing a song for over 20 years and find out your singing a line in THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN all wrong. :(

    Thank you, I'm just wondering (and praying it's not true) that he came up with these on his own and if so someone is in some deep, deep doo doo!!!!


    I didn't touch that code because I thought it was a virus.

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