who care about bibles

    old books , so translated than it is not sure of nothing , full of contradictions

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    The Bible is one of the most important books that you should read carefully, It is the inspire words of God, and the whole duty of men is to Obey His Commandment, Also the Bible is a book of the past,present,and future event. So yes the Bible  is an educational book,If you choose not to read it then all I can say is you don't know what your missing.

    I choose to read and believe in the Bible. It is all about choice and God gave us the right to choose to believe or not believe, where will you spend eternity?

     I care they are the Beautiful words of our FATHER!!""""""

    The Bible gives us a lot of insight into how we should conduct our lives. But overall it's really about having a personal relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. You can take the Bible literally or figuratively, either way it will change your life for the better.

    Maybe you should read it a couple times.You may learn a little.

    the bible is awesum and it truly is full of life god dont punish us,he knows if sum 1 has done the bible wrong and he will judge them...It work's really doe's..however for me it was easier to get a relationship with him then the bible became easier:)

    I read my BIBLE all the time.When you read your BIBLE.You have to be careful you don't know who's leaning over your shoulder.Whispering in your ear trying to corrupt GOD'S word. DON

    i for one do. as old as it is it says somthing new evertime i read it , there are no contradictions ..perhaps it may appear so when people take it out of context...

    all is in the power of interpretation and the art of selection

    a little , just too little

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