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    tell me, why did you just read this???????????

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    Tell me, why are you wasting my time. I'm here to help people with real questions. Go to bed or go find something to broaden your mind with. Read a book.

    your time was not waisted because that you wrote has caused a respond from me and you just made a ripple in the wave of life.



    How many ripples are you looking to make with the 15 questions you've posted in the last 4 hours? This is a question and answer site to help those with real questions. It's not a playground for board individuals.



    15 questions in 4 hours when you're new to the site is suspect to spamming. We get a lot of spammers here. People who are bored, kids mainly who think it's funny to spam the topics page with silly questions. In your list of 15 questions you opened, I saw "bored" was one of them. If you want to have your general type question taken seriously, expand apon it like you did here. Give a reason for what might appear to be a useless question to others. You are not the first to ask, "why did you read this" or "why did you look here". Those others were just goofing around. See where I'm coming from?


    colleen is right, seriously bored kids should do something else like going outside to play instead of posting stupid questions, i read this post because i wanted to tell you this; how about asking some real, good questions that would benefit us and you. instead of posting a random no meaning making question and ask us why we read, if you really want to learn why we did then i suggest you go read a psychology book or something because it seems to me your trying to understand human reactions and stuff, so how about do that? i also love psychology :D


    sorry, i didn't know you were in charge of this site. i'm not being rude or smart. i just came across this site and i thought it was kind of fun. you can judge me but why, that is my question to you. the thing is to ask a question. a question has no bounds. a dumb question to one my be logical to another to cause them to think in a scientific manner. it can make the one who respondes to a question, wonder why did they respond the way they did. if you think someone if asking a stupid question, it's more stupid to maybe reply. like you have real answers.

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