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    It is 7:55 on Sunday evening. The pharmacy where Susan is working closes at 8:00. A gentleman she does not recognize brings a bottle with a label for an antiseizure medication to her pharmacy. The bottle is from another pharmacy. She attempts to contact the other pharmacy to transfer the prescription, but they are closed. Upon closer inspection, Susan realizes the bottle says the prescription is out of refills. She questions the customer and he informs her he is completely out of the medication. What would you do? Are any ethical situations apparent in this case? Would it make a difference if the prescription were not a maintenance medication?

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    Dang, you got me on the first question that it answered for you. I thought it was a legit question, not your homework! We are not as free homework site! Do your own homework! You are getting the degree, not us! How can you learn and be a credit to your field of you cheat and have others do your work for you?

    sally hu

    your answers just for my reference. I wouldn't transcibe the answer to be my answer.
    Ask the pharmacist.
    sally hu

    Yes, I did. Please tell me where I can find the rules or laws. Thanks.

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