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    In the course of her normal duties, a pharmacy technician employed by Hometown Drugs, Inc., discovers from a patient profile that the young man who is dating his daughter is taking a regular prescription for a powerful antipsychotic drug. The technician keeps this information to herself but, in response to the information, attempts to dissuade her daughter form marrying the young man. Has the technician committed a breach of her ethical responsibilities? Explain why you think she has or has not.

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    Dang, you got me on the first question that it answered for you. I thought it was a legit question, not your homework! We are not as free homework site! Do your own homework! You are getting the degree, not us! How can you learn and be a credit to your field of you cheat and have others do your work for you?

    Note to others, help if you want but I feel people should do their own homework.

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