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    have you ever had the same dream more than once?

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    As a young child I had two recurring dreams that I still remember clearly. I dream pretty much every night but instead of identical dreams, they are very similar in events but not exact.

    Hey Mom how are you?...still up like I, huh? Yes I've had a recurring dream that actually came true...I know I reiterated this same obviously differently phrased. question before, however here goes...I had a recurring dream as an adolescent about being in a fire in my bedroom with flames all around me with a bucket of water that I could not reach outside of the door. Consequnetly this dream went on for years and it happened as at the age of 17 I was living with my father & stepmom & I woke up one night because of the fact that our black lab came in barking like Hell. I freaked as there were flames all around us and me & the dog just made it through the kitchen before it exploded. I alerted my parents by obviously screaming my head off, ran downtown to pull the fire alarm(small town) and to make a long story short..we got out with our lives..lost what...we were alive..thus, my story regarding recurring dreams and bless the dog who actually saved all our lives. His demise is another story.

    Yes.....Have you?

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