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    My daughter visited dentist. Doctor pull out her tooth and than gave me her business card. The card says that she is hygienist and not a doctor. I fill not good about it.

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    First, call your dentist and ask him/her why he/she allowed the hygienist to pull your daughter's tooth. I've researches dental hygienist and have not found any place where it says they are licensed to do tooth extractions. If you do not get a satisfactory answer do the following:

    Call your state dental board and report her and the dentist she works for. Every state has a licensing board and this is where complaints are to be lodged. They are usually located in the city where the capital of the state is located. Call them and give them your story and see what they tell you to do.

    Type > state dental board along with the state your dentist is in into your web browser. You should be able to get the telephone number from the dental board's site so you can call them. (If you have trouble finding the site, let me know what state you live and and I'll find the number for you.)

    Make sure you have the Dentist's name, the address of his practice (street, town, state) along with the name of the hygienist who pulled your daughter's tooth along with the time and date of the procedure. Good luck and let me know how you make out.



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