OK It's my turn to vent and ask for help

    I am ill...chronic pain from really bad spinal problems and multiple, multiple squamos and basal cell carcinomas. at least 75 tumors last count and I'm scared to death to go for any more surgeries..I have been putting it off now for 2 years and my whole body is involved in this cancerous misery..I have no support nor back up system...I've already had 10 surgeries and not a pleasant thing to through...please give me some encouragement..Lord knows I need it!

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    How's this for encouragement. You come here daily and you put aside your aches, your pains, your illness, your own troubles, to help others. You make people laugh, you give them hope, you listen to their problems and try to give sound advice. You help when you yourself need help but can't get it. You do not and have not given up on life no matter what has been given you, the proof in that is you are still here giving as much as you can to help others live with their own troubles. The fact that you, above most, need all your energy for yourself and yet you are still willing to share that energy with others is the epitome of what I personally would classify as a living saint. If the world had a lot more ole hipsters, it would be a much better place to be. It would be a world with that much more compassion, understanding and selflessness. I am honored to have at least been able to share internet time with you and see God's true love in action. Thank you for that my on-line friend. I'd never ask you to give more than you need to but for now, there are people in this world who can sure use what you have to offer. Hopefully that's enough of a reason for you to keep going every day. Hugs and much love to you. You make God smile : )
    ole hipster

    Thank you Colleen I have tears rolling down my face just reading your answer...bless you always my love and friend!

    Well so much for encouragement! I made you cry!! LOL (((hugs))) 2 you again.
    Wow Hipster sorry to hear of your problems,I guess the biggest thing is, Do the surgeries help?
    ole hipster

    Yeah sure they help...thus far I'm not gonna die or anything to my knowledge...however the surgeries suck as you are only given a general anesthetic and you can smell your skin burning and the process itself is lngthy, sometimes involving 2-3 hours of same..extremely scary plus I am on medicaid and medicare so have to go into teaching hospitals (and even though they are reputed to be the best in Chicago)..You are made to feel like a friggin' guinea pig..ah-h-h enough said I do tend to go on at times...but thanks for your concern...makes this old broad feel so much better with everyone's all are obviously my friends or I would not have spoken out for help..thank you!
    Wow, so sorry to hear that,you have to ask yourself how much can you really take,deep down inside you have the answer,I know it must be frustrating to have to endure so many surgeries,remind yourself that this decision is for you and only you to ultimately make,your inner strength and will power are what will fuel you through this time.I pray you make the best decision and find happiness throughout this journey,"NEVER" give up.God bless you!!
    ole hipster

    Thank you so much for your loving and sincere answers...I even feel like maybe I can sleep a bit better tonight!
    Im thinking about you. I know thats simple, but sometimes.... that just helps. Would you believe me if I told you I understand? lol. I was diagnosed with the tumors and abnormalities in my body when I was 5. I have had four surgeries since I was 8. Im 28 and in the past 5 years I have been to 6 surgeons, 1 radiologist, and 2 oncologists and all have the same answers... 'There is nothing else we can do.' LOL! such a sob story huh? Its all growing and spreading but I jut try to live. My husband is aware that one day I will inevitably be in a wheelchair. Owell. Just one day at a time. It sucks. I know. But I always try to remember how much worse other people are doing than me. I try to do things like serve food at the homeless shelter here in town so I wont take my anger out on God ya know? All I can say is live and love cause one day we're gonna make like a hippie n blow this joint and my tumors arent going to matter anymore. I wish the best for you :)
    ole hipster

    Thank you..wish I could say more but i'm tired..peace. love and happiness be with you and yours...I know that you are a wonderful and obviously very strong person!! We shall "talk" soon I'm could I forget your name with everything that you have said?...not likely..good night
    ole hipster

    Hey! I just woke up from my own misery and thought about you! You are so young to have to go through all the shit that you are going through...what exactly is ailing you if you don't mind my asking...just want to get to know and understand you seem like such a great person!

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