how to summon spirts/demons/ghost tell me all the steps or how to see a ghost or spirt

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    Here's 9 different ways

    Use an Ouija board. You can find an Ouija board in just about any store that carries board games, and they usually come complete with a special planchette for indicating your message from the spirit. Homemade boards work just as well, but be sure to include the alphabet, numbers, yes, no, goodbye and any symbols you feel relevant to the spirit you are trying to summon.
    # 2

    Chant an incantation. These will usually rhyme, since it is designed to create a rhythm that will radiate into the cosmos to bring you the spirit you desire. A simple 3- or 4-line chant that is short and direct about your purpose is usually best.
    # 3

    Burn sage. This herb is claimed to have magical properties that helps to lift the veil between you and the spirit world. With the veil lifted or at least thinned from the smoke of the sage, you should be able to communicate with a spirit directly as long as the herb burns.
    # 4

    Burn a candle and meditate on the flame until the spirit is summoned. The color of the candle will greatly influence the identity and nature of the spirit that is beckoned to you, so choose the color wisely. White candles are usually designed for good, while black candles will generally summon negative spirits. If you are trying to summon a very specific spirit, then find out the color with which he is associated. If it is a family member, use his favorite color.
    # 5

    Ring a singing bowl. Singing bowls are made to emit a haunting ring that is meant to summon positive spirits and energy to the individual who meditates over it while ringing the bowl. Remember that you must strike the bowl with the mallet before rubbing it along the lip to start the vibrations.
    # 6

    Hold a seance. The combined energies of multiple people concentrating towards one end have been proven to be quite powerful in some situations. Everyone who attends the seance to help you summon spirits should be positive and able to focus fully on the event, so no one going through a difficult time in her life should participate.
    # 7

    Consult a tarot deck. Meditate on the deck and ask questions clearly and directly. The spirit summoned should be able to answer your queries through the cards.
    # 8

    Gaze into a scrying mirror or a crystal ball. Let your vision relax as you look into the surface of the mirror or ball while concentrating on your questions for the spirit you are trying to summon. When you are successful, the surface will shimmer and break and you should be able to see your answers.
    # 9

    Dance to rhythmic, primal music. Drums themselves are known to summon spirits, but flutes and even didgeridoos can be used to create the kind of rhythms that you need for meditation by moving your body in hypnotic gestures. This is how Voodoo practitioners summon spirits, and they claim the spirits take over their bodies and communicate with those around them once they are present.

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