what do you say to a friend who is dying

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    sometimes it's best just to say nothing ..just your presence speaks volumes..

    talk about the good times.Try to laugh.

    the same as if they weren't dying! 

    "God be with you till we meet again. "

    Just be by his/her side and share every possible moment with him.

    That there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous John :28&29

    Meanwhile there is nothing to fear because the dead do not feel anything at all Ecc. 9:5

    What ever the cause of your friends death will not be present when he/she is called. Rev.21:3&4.

    Hope that helps

    Please ignore the doilums. (frivolous friends who have no knowledge to offer)




    what is a doilum ?

    I'd probably ask my friend if he/she wanted to talk (and if so, about what), do you want me to just be here or do you want to be by yourself right now, is there something I can get for you or do for you. Whatever my friend wanted...................


    that is the best answer so far. The others were good too tho'

    Can I have your tools?


    Where is the compassion ?

    that's NOT smart; or funny

    difficult question.When ive sat with dying people(at work) ive tried to be compassionate and reassuring.Its the last thing youll ever do for your friend so youve got to do it right.Bobs right,whatever your friend would like

    say,  You're not alone. We're all here and we're going to be with you forever.  And then, just hold their hand.

    why are you dying

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