I,m 64 and want to die naturally even though meds might cure me.

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    You have the right to deny any medical treatment that may prolong your life.


    need more info

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    I have to agree with Rushie. Though I am alone and have no one so I know how the feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless and hopelessness can make one feel. I hope and pray you hang in there God put you here for a reason sometimes it takes us a lifetime to know or even get a hint of that reason but he did put each and everyone of us here for a purpose and a reason. I know it is hard and heartbreaking and frustrating but I do hope and pray you will hang in there for we would miss you.....

    If thats what you want to do, who am I, to want too stop you .

    I met a man in Spain last week who has just had a tripple heart by pass. He was the happiest man I've seen for a while. His choice was have it done or die. Now he was with his wife, son and thre beautiful grand children. He like you have a choice as Coleen says, you have the right to refuse medication. and if you really want to die then that is your choice too. If it was me I would reach out and take anything offered to spend just one more hour with my family. I don't know what your circumstances are but I guess it is heart. If you take the medication you say it could cure you. So what's so wrong with that. sounds pretty darn good to me. So if it does not work then you may die any way. We all die. none of us know when, how or where but we all live too and do that. Live for as long as you can and enjoy every second of it. I hope in some tiny way I have helped you make the right decision. I would hate to think that you have died when you could just as easily have lived.

    Everyone dies naturally, one way or another. If you believe God has a plan for you, than God will determine when you die. If your choice is to die without medical interference, then your God will allow that to happen too. You have a choice, but God will make that ultimate choice for you. At least that was how Stonewall Jackson thought, and who am I to disagree with a man like that?

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