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    Elizabeth brings a prescription bottle to the pharmacy where Cindy is employed as a technician. Cindy attempts to refill the prescription for an allergy medication. While it goes through insurance, Cindy notices that the woman filled the prescription only 2 weeks ago for the medication that should have lasted 30 days. Cindy asks the woman about this. Elizabeth tells Cindy that her young son appears to have the same symptoms as she does, so she has been giving him some of her medication. If you were Cindy, would you want the pharmacy to dispense the medication? Is it ethical to dispense the medication knowing that it will also be used by someone for whom it was not prescribed?

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    Dang, you got me. I thought it was a legit question, not your homework! I see you have 8 or so more questions posted. We are not as free homework site! Do your own homework! You are getting the degree, not us! How can you learn and be a credit to your field of you cheat and have others do your work for you?

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    Thanks. These are case studies. I want to make sure my answers. I am a work hard student. I need more information about pharmacy laws or rules. Thanks.

    This is a general question answer site. We deal with simple questions not case studies. When you spam the site with your homework, people who need an answer to A (1) question, get lost in the avalanche of your schoolwork. People charge for the services you are expecting from us for free. Sorry. Not here. We are volunteers, not solutions to getting your assignments done.
    No and the woman should have been reported to the doctor, legal authorities and child welfare services by the pharmacist. If the prescription wasn't due to be refilled, she should not have filled it.

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