What do you people think about psychics?

    So, do they really see things other people can't? Can they really tell the future? Or are they just really good at figuring out what you want to hear and telling you that? Really, what's the best thing to do when you have a question you can't find the answer to and you can't forget about it either?

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    I think it's funny when a psychic goes out of business...didn't they see that coming?


    I make my own future by setting goals and working towards them. If I encounter problems, I'm the one who fixes them. I don't need any influencing from someone outside of my circle of family and friends.


    Predicting your own future is like being able to fix your own problems.. because generally it's harder to fix your own problems then someone else's; you're too close to them. But being psychic isn't just about the future. :]


    psychics go bust when their victims sober up.And of their is amazing that anyone wd pay for the carbage they hear from a "psychic"

    Both are true; some are fraudulent. real psychics can 'change' the future by influencing your decisions but that doesn't also mean that they don't see truth. Time doesn't really exist, so they're tapping in to the energies that are already forming and manifesting. They are often wrong because the future is never written.. without a psychic though you have more of a chance to change your future.. they only see what is before them, not what you will change. :]

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