Would you cheat on your spouse or significant other, if you knew there was absolutely no chance of be caught?

    Let's be honest. Would you?

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    My boyfriend and I lived together for almost 9 years. That was over 30 years ago. He never knew and I'm still ashamed of myself. 

    Could never look my wife in the eyes again.
    Absolutely not. We are both psychic, especially with each other.

    Caught or not caught, I’d feel less than myself. A promise is a promise, live with it……….

    Nope nope nope!! I wished him dead on many occasions but never ever thought of messing around on him as much of a bats-turd as he was. Messing around on someone and not getting caught is just nasty. NASTY! What if you contract an STD of any variety and pass it along to your [hethem] beloved?  Or what if you screw around with someone who is bonkers and ends up killing you or your 'beloved' one? Hmm? There are a lot of twisted scenarios in the world ... why would you purposely create more?  I'd say that if your desire is to be a mess-around then cut your partner loose so they don't have to 'enjoy' all the crap that comes of messing around because eventually you will get caught. And you will be despised for it to the grave.


    The very worst is despising yourself. Gary didn't deserve that from me.

    Everybody gets a chance to mess's part of the learning curve! I too have occasions where I would love a 're-do- please but ... no such luck! You've GOT to forgive yourself on it Bob and chalk it up to experience.

    The low points only bother me when I think about them. They're buried in shallow graves, and I don't visit their cemetery often.

    .... nor should you ... :) xox LL

    :-) I might, though. There's a poem in there if I give it some more thought.

    One word answer.NO..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    There's ALWAYS a chance you will be caught. Always!!  You might get lucky and not be caught but you live with the guilt.  Better to be caught, you don't belong in that relationship in the first place if you are thinking of doing that. Also, if you get caught, it will hopefully end up in divorce or breakup because life with that partner will never be the same afterwards. 

    No. I still have to look her in the eye, And I would still have to look my little girl in the eye too, all while knowing what I did.. 

    Definitely not. If I ever stopped loving my partner enough to cheat on her, I'd end the relationship first. In order to cheat on someone you can no longer be in love with them. They would no longer be the center of your world. What's the point of staying together? Even if there are kids? Kids don't belong in a miserable relationship either.

    If I was married, H- - - , no, I would not cheat. Now, an unmarried relationship is different.


    Why is it different, if you love your partner, why?

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