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    when 2 people live common law, 1 borowed large sums of money, is the 1 borower responsible for repaying the debt or is it both.

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    id say it depends on were the money went, meaning who spehnt it,if it were spent together on common items you both repay it.if 1 borrowed the money and blew it its his responceability

    Sandy and I solved this problem. I give her all of my money and she keeps the books that I never look at. I do all of the shopping and use a debit card & bring back receipts. There is no need to argue about money...I don't have any. Everything is in her name. But I am responsible for all credit on paper that I don't look at. It is a trust relationship and we are divorced. Works for me.

    if you both signed then yes. if only you signed then tuff luck it's down to you whatever you spent it on.

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