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    why are banks helping scam artists is it not interested any more in the every day worker client. it is to busy to look after the small people, my daughter got scammed for 2000 because the bank was only interrested in there share and did not take the proper proceedure to check a foriegn cheque now to try and talk to them its a joke where do we go Itake my hat off to H S B C THEY ARE VERY RUDE UNHELPFUL IF ANY ONE HAS HAD SIMILAR PROBLEMS PLEASE USE THIS SITE TO REPLY

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    Apparently your daughter was scammed by the overseas checks which sends "prize winning" notifications and advises that she cash the check and send part of it back to get her winnings. The banks don't know if the check is real until it's returned from the other bank as "phony". Rule of thumb is NEVER accept overseas checks from anyone unless you know them personally. It's one of the biggest frauds in the world next to the Nigerian scams. If you have access to a radio show called "Clark Howard" he gets calls from many people who have rejected this type of scam. He's also on TV I believe Saturday or Sunday. Don't know the time in your area. AGAIN, IT'S VERY COMMON. Sorry for her loss.

    Generally yes, but I still would not build in a flood zone.

    Oh, currency, not river...Oops, my mistake. LOL.

    thanks for your reply but bank policy on overseas cheques that no money will be paid untill it has been cleared by the other bank then if the cheque bounces no one is hurt, but the bank sent her a letter saying they had negosiated the cheque and was paying the money into her account even if she was scammed the bank did not follow its proceedure about overseas cheques and why send her a letter saying they had negosiated the cheque on her behalf that does not give the bank the right to ignore her and if it is common then the banks are not safe or concerned about there clients every one wants to earn a little bit extra but we live in a sick world so who do we trust to look after our money if the banks can not so there is loop hole in the banks systems to allow scams like this its scary

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