trying to stop meth

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    physical exercise and activity. at first you after you sleep for up to a week...get up off the couch and walk around the block. work your way up to jogging or membership at the gym. the high of exercise is hardly a substitute but its something. plus you meet people that are not using at the gym. it worked for me. 

    Ask yourself,' '  Am I better off with using Meth all the time, or am I better off without it ..........' ' ...

     And then find a quitting meth support group where you can talk to other Meth quitters and then call eachother for mutual aid when you find yourself falling off the wagon.

    Good luck cos believe me its very hard.First you got to want to,i dont mean think you should i mean deep down WANT to stop otherwise theres no point.You got to try and occupy your mind as much as possible cos you dont want to have heaps of time to sit down and think about it.You have to stay away from the people n places you'd go to get out of it,break all those associations until youre totally over it.Then once you've beaten that real urge to get out of it you need something in your life to take it's place cos youre left with a big gap to fill n its easy to fill it wi drugs again.
    Anyway good luck,wish you all the best.

    If you think it's the drug that makes your life great or seem better then you don't know what fun is, and meth is easy to quit , i did it so can you.


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