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    I downloaded the separate iMovie app and it updated my older iLife '08 version. I am a fan of iMovieHD so I wasn't real familiar with the '08 version but had used it a little. Now I find that with the new '11 version I can't load any avi files from my Flip. I can get still pics in just fine, but it refuses to load the avi files. I like the feature of being able to create a movie in the old iMovieHD and bring it into the new version in one piece. However, it didn't bring in the video.

    I've found that I can save it as a quicktime video and bring it in, but it's blurry. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Is it possible to get the old '08 version back? I suppose it's on my original CD. I use Snow Leopard and it wasn't on there unless I didn't go far enough. I didn't want to update the whole OSX.

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    You should find your answer here:

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