how can i use my phone on international trips?

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    Assuming you mean a mobile phone or a cell phone if you come from the US. You can get Global Roaming at your shop BUT BUT BUT with global roaming YOU pay for incoming AND outgoing calls. And if that is not bad enough the person calling you still pays for their call, double dipping? I tracel over seas a lot and I take a mobile/cell phone that is as old as the hills and buy a prepaid sim card in each area I go to. This is miles cheaper and all you have to do is send your "new number" that you get with the sim card to a couple of friends and ask them to let others know your "new number" Works for me and I have done this in Europe,England<Ireland<Scotland, Norfolk Island, Singapore, New Zealand heaps of places.

    I would suggest you to use your phone after unlocking it from Network.Otherwise you need to pay high amount of roaming charges.


    You have to follow these steps in order to use your phone in International Tips.

    1.First thing is you have to contact your mobile service provider and ask whether your cellphone will support  in the country that you are going to  visit.

    2.Ask  your  customer service representative if your service plan allows you to make international calls

    3.Check the costs for Call and SMS . Most carriers charge a per-minute rate for international calls. The rate may vary, depending on the country. Costs for sending and receiving messages can vary as well. You can find this information on your carrier's website or by calling  the customer care.

    4.Search the format for making local and international calls from the countries you will be visiting. You can find this information on the website.

    5.Consider using a prepaid international SIM card if you have a GSM phone. If your phone is locked, you will need to unlock it first. Ask your carrier for the SIM unlock code or purchase an unlock code from this site


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