MRI of Lumbar Spine without Contrast

    Small broad based central protrusion of L1-2 disc indenting the thecal sac?

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    My answer is above

    This means that your disc between your spinal vertebrae is budging backwards and thus pushes the spinal cord in some cases it can cause symptoms because of the pressure that is made.

    I should see an orthopedic doctor.

    In many cases this condition is temporary and can heal by itself. However, in other cases, depending on your clinical state and the degree of pressure on the spinal cord you may need to go through surgery.

    Good answer by Volcane. But this problem with your protruding disc is essential putting pressure on your spinal cord and spinal roots. This can led to possible paralysis in the worst scenario. At very least it can cause sciatica, pain running down the back of your leg, or bladder problems caused by pressure between your L1 - L2 vertebrae. This problem will most likely not heal it self. I went though a very similar situation and paid for it by not seeking professional help sooner. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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