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    what happened to our Constitution, and why are we depriving our seeds the opportunity to enjoy it!!!!!! How much longer,how much more are we going to take!!!!! It takes us all not just one to make things happen!!!!!!! Lets step out of our comfort zone so our childrens children may enjoy our entitlements of the Constitution !!!!!!!! Are we all so little and weak that we are unable to stand for the truth !!!!!!!!!

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    Bush and Obama both have taken their turn at burning the Constitution. Vote in the officials that stand by the Constitution. Don't vote by family name, do not vote by eloquent speech, do not vote based on skin color or looks. Vote because he/she says, I LOVE AMERICA AND IT'S PEOPLE AND IT'S FLAG! MY NATION WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL! Vote in the person who doesn't think it's funny when people have an issue that he has an issue with showing pride in America or it's flag.
    We will have a revolt in 2012, just vote and get some people in office that can change things back.
    Well count me in we all need to revolt.

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