Anyone on Maui see the tsunami? I did!

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    Tell us about it.

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    why did you go home to get stoned,you said there was plenty at the beach

    GF, dog and I spent the night high in the hills in the back of my pickup truck until 6am waiting for the all clear siren. It did not come so we started to go into Kihei to check out any damage. We went to the beach where I walk Boo Bear every day and was shocked to see rocks and boulders where the water used to be. Then within moments, we noticed choppy water moving in to shore. A 4 ft wall of water splashed high over the rocks and they disappeared under the surge and slowly moved closer toward the beach and we were just frozen watching this oncoming rush of ocean. We backed out as the water came in and we took off from there with Boo Bear barking at the rushing water. It went about 200 feet from the shore into S. Kihei Rd. We drove home and proceeded to get stoned on my freshly cured White Widow marijuana. Surely, an event to remember!

    ole hipster

    White Widow sounds like an interesting strain!

    Take any pictures?

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