heaven 4 sure

    how do u know for sure you will go to heaven

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    When you have a relationship with God, you just know that He is real. The Bible is called,"The Living Word," for a reason, there is deep spiritual meaning in that book that can't be explained to a person without faith. You can try to put it into words, but faith must be experienced to truly understand it's meaning.

    Nothing or no one could ever convince me that Jesus isn't God. The reason is because of my faith, God has answered my prayers so many times sometime almost immediately after I prayed. There is no earthly logical explanation for these type of events. This is what makes our faith unbreakable...

    First, by faith, next; by studying God's Word, and lastly; through life's experiences.

    My personal relationship and the answered prayers.
    through faith in jesus christ, certainly nothing i did or could ever do!
    You don't. Many on this site claim they are. What if there was no heaven? What would you do?
    You know through your faith,you have to (KNOW) him,(Jesus),it's very real,and it's your love and faith in Christ that will get you there for sure,for those that choose not to believe... there will be no heaven for them.Have faith:)God bless!

    So you say. That doesn't make it fact. Have you ever visited loved ones in heaven? I have. They visit me here too.

    Again called moderator,I choose not to respond to you to often because it turns into pointless debates.Wheres your professionalism by the way for such a job???? You do a lot of threats and like to stir up mess.

    I might be a moderator but that does not mean I can not have an opinion to opinions posted. Where did I threaten you in this? What professionalism did I break here? You posted a non fact. I disagreed with it. You stir things up by telling non believers they won't go to heaven. That is your faith. It is not fact. If you don't want people disagreeing with you, don't post.

    I'll post to what the heck I want...just as you do,we have to much conflict you and I,that's why I have chosen to not respond to you lately,but you obviously like to respond to me.The truth hurts I guess,you will never change my beliefs so why don't you just stop the non sense. When in reference to threats I wasn't talking about me personally,and my faith is fact,that wont EVER change.

    Again with the truth hurts...I have yet to see any? I never asked you to change your beliefs, I'm not trying to get you to change your beliefs but when you present them as facts and threaten non believers with no heaven, then I say something to let others know your words are not fact. Post what the heck you want. Just don't get upset when that post generates a response you do not like.

    I guess you need to take heed on your own advice....cause that goes both ways.

    mmmm, ok. LOL

    So you say. That doesn't make it fact.


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