Why foreskin?

    Why woild God create us with foreskin and then order us to cut it off?

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    a covenant made Between GOD and Abraham that every JEWISH male on his 8th day they will enter the covenant of the CIRCUMCISION this is the English translation of the HEBREW name for this it is BRIT Milah a little F.Y.I.


    Thank you for the thumb ups
    Perhaps he wanted the whole thing off. And whoever he told, got it wrong or he chickened out.
    On the side of evolution, man walked naked through the brush, during this time, the foreskin was a needed factor to protect against injury, (probably walking on all fours they dragged it around quite a bit)also protection against bacteria and infection. The foreskin is no longer needed and is removed for the same reason it was put there in the first place. Some guys just are not clean and it can get pretty nasty in there if not cleansed. There are many physical oddities of the human body that are leftovers from the beginning of mankind. One is stomach acid in which medical science can see no real need for this in modern times as its real purpose is not to digest food but to sterilize it. Back then, prehistoric man ate raw meat and vegetation, this was the first antiseptic known to man. today we really don't need it as we cook all our meats and we don't eat spoiled. Then they did. Some people that have seriously bad acid reflux undergo medical treatment to stop the formation of this acid.

    Also, the appendix, Medical science can not agree on its function, they do know that when it becomes infected, it must come out or you will die. Once removed, there is no indication that there is something missing.


    mine still drags along the floor,even when i am standing up.,

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    Because men would include the length of the foreskin to the length of his penis, thus, giving the woman a false "extra inch"  sense  of delight?


    men are the only people i know that can look at an inch and see a mile

    Ugly belts or maybe they like end skin soup...Oy vey


    Haah, haaa!

    eggy, i didnt find this stuff funny till i saw you laughing. LOL!

    Foreskin, appendix and stomach acid - can anyone say EVOLUTION?

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