Tips to sticking to a job

    How do you turn a job you no longer feel is challanging, interestng again?

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    Hey Pascal good question. I hope my suggestion will help you. Heres a Big Thumbs up for this question!

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    Think about all the things you have learned there. Build on that concept and use it to your benefit. Either take with you what you need to build your own thing or focus on what you think could be improved upon and present those ideas to your higher ups and see if they could use it. the more you offer suggestions and the greater the suggestions, who knows, they may even create a position for you to utilize those abiities you have found could be useful.

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    Start to invent things to do. IE do the same things a different way make it fun get other staff interested too. Make a game out of it. Before you know it your boss will think you are a super star and you will look forward to going to work. The alternative is unemployment. And that sucks!!!

    You can't. It's actually a good sign. It means to move on to something more challenging. The more you know the more marketable you are and valuable as well. Your question could also be taken another way. To stick to a job you don't like keep yourself in deep debt. Develop a taste for ass. Stab as many people in the back as you can. This is the formula for keeping your job. Just remember to watch your back while walking to your car.

    Just try to get it even more organized. Look for ways to make things work better and work for you and not work you more. Hang in there, jobs are very hard to come by and God Bless you......

    instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, count the corporate steps on the ladder of success.

    Think about the welfare line.

    Start do other projects that are not necessarily your responsibility. Finish you job duties early and start hanging around other parts of of the company that you find interesting. Soon you will have learned the new job and your boss will reward you for bring an over achiever with some luck. Best of luck.

    Kiss the Boss's ass! LOL

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