Why did you leave your last job?

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    I left my last job to be independent and start a salon in my home so I could be home for my kids.12 years later I have made a very successful go of it, never regretted one ounce of leaving my job.

    My last job was in advertising for the Chicago Tribune. I had to resign due to health issues and go on disability. However, can't say as I really miss the job (only the money) as it was extremely high stress, competitive and at times, cutthroat. Not an atmosphere conducive to mental and/or physical health!

    My last job was in a small union printing company(Cleveland,Ohio)and i left because they shut their door's,good times not rolling here in the midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi ole hipster,things not good in Cleveland for jobs,was wanting to ask you how the printing field was doing in Chicago.I never would have guessed i would find myself in this spot,56 and out of work,getting a little worried.I work in print shop's but i don't run printing presses,i operate paper folder's and paper cutter's,also saddle stitcher's(makes magazine's.)

    ole hipster

    Yeah, isn't that the truth! How's everything in Cleveland??

    I worked 4 the Veterans Administration. I saw people that worked there that didn't give a damn 4 the veterans and were only there to collect a paycheck, also quite a few employees were worthless. As I always tell people because I'm a veteran I hope that in my future years when I need medical care that the person really does care that is helping me!

    ole hipster

    That's a shame about the people you worked with there. Veterans deserve the utmost respect, care and concern. Even though I live in a huge city with a multitude of social service problems, we have a wonderful Veterans Hospital here along with compassionate doctors, nurses and all staff members. I know quite a few disabled vets mostly from Nam who hold the VA Hospital in the highest regard here in Chicago as do I. I never saw such a great and beautiful hospital before when visiting folks there!


    Thanks ole hipster. This was the VA in San Antonio,TX. I'm sure there R other VA's throughout the nation that have a caring, sincere, staff, I'm quite sure that most of them R good.

    I was a pumper in the oil field, quite that to become a contract pumper, wanted to be my own boss, worked fine until wells in this area were to old to produce, did odd jobs, Harley repair, electrician, plumbing, Ins. sales. Then became disabled due to health at age 50.

    Funny ... I was wondering this week if I had been fired and did not realize it.... I am a substitute teacher and have not worked in weeks.

    Got tired of working and decided to retire

    I retired early and not before time

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