If there was a burglar behind you right now, what could you hit him with?

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    If he was in my house a shotgun, that way I don't have bullets going through my drywall hitting another family member. Outdoors fists, or feet. Unless it was the Hamburglar from McDonald's, he is just not that threatening to me.................................


    Usually the way I sit no matter where I go I have my back to a wall or my front at the door of the restaurant, or where ever I am. I learned that from the gamblers of the Old West.

    I wouldn't have to my German Shepherd would be dragging him to the back room about now and I would have all that mess to clean up.

    What? You're not using your bible or calling on the Lord? You could throw your head at him.
    Headless Man

    Mocha (the GS) is Gods answer to

    big ol cast iron skillet...

    My fist or a chop in the Adams apple or fingers in the eyes, all effective if I don't get shot first. Almost forgot but a knee in the nuts can be good.

    I would use my two handed broad sword, which I always keep by my desk.

    For starters him/her will get a good hit at the temple with my keyboard to make him/her weak at the knees. Next, it's all over, lights out!
    My hockey stick. Canadian law obliges us to keep one in every room in the house. I'd slapshot his skull into the top right hand corner of the fridge door. HE SHOOTS...HE SCORES !

    Yes, American law used to require us to keep a gun in every room, but not since the early 1900's. lol

    Use a bat. Isn't baseball your national sport?;-)

    Behind me right now... the back of my head... then an elbow to the gut.... the guns are out of reach right now.

    I'd have to find him first, under all the dogs that are standing on him licking him to death.

    the burglar went to the dogs :-)

    My handbag!
    I have the kitchen sink in there....

    There are items in your house that you could use just look for them try to remember where they are look for heavy one's to knock them out with if you can.Happily after knocking them out tie them up as neat as a bow for the Police off to jail we go!:)

    A banana

    stomp on foot then use hand to the bottom of nose with upthrust of heel of palm hopefully that should drop him if you get him down finish it
    I would attack him with a back-kick as I do in Taekwondo!

    no, if there was a thief behind you, i think you should be good girls and boys and call 911, 000, 111, 110 or whatever the three digit numbers you used to prank the police with in your teenage years . no need for violence people, either call police or shoot and bury them in the yard :D


    911 would be called for the clean-up :-)

    a big ol FART, he'd be dead before he hit the ground


    Could not stand the smell... :-)

    Wow, what the heck have you been eating?

    a cuccumber

    no need to hit mastif just ate him

    I have a 38 in the top drawer of my desk where I am sitting "right now". His brains would be all over the walls.

    go ole hipster !!! :D

    a pillow :)

    ole hipster

    Hey double! You gonna' smother him or what? lol

    lots of bullits, knife, elbow, fist, head, foot, knee, junk, joke, funny antidotes, tv guide, computer, coffe cup, remote, Computor mouse, coffee table, kitten, dog, pretty good fart or dirty a look. I think thats about it.


    Your forgot the kitchen sink.

    Roger Willcoe

    I did but that would be a crime because the sinks full of WMD's like depleated uranium and pathogens.

    My HOT cup of Coffee.

    no need to hit mastif just ate him

    A .40 cal. bullet

    Hit him with the large thick stick I keep for such an occasion.
    Let me entertain you all with a story of my grandmother when she was eighty years old.
    She lived alone and used to keep a large axe beside the bed. One night, she heard the bedroom window open and a leg came through it. She jumped up, grabbed the axe and ran to the window. She said, "Put the other one in and you'll lose both of them." Of course he didn't waste any time pulling his leg out and he ran away.
    That's odd a second page with nothing on it, I think I will just blab to see if this goes to the second page or the first, just a test...

    I would kill the bastard, just thought I'd add that.
    I won't hit him, I won't shoot him, I won't stub him, I won't fight him, I won't do any of those things. See ? too much violence. I just will asking nicely to leave because it not good to break into people's house and to please stop scaring people that way. ha-ha-ha !
    Right Now: remote control
    Probably Invite him for a drink of tea, who knows maybe he'll join and we'd have a nice conversation after him seeing that my house has nothing valuable in it? seriously i'm living in an apartment and the only thing there is to steal would be my mac and ice-cream in the freezer. college people are like homeless people nowadays :(

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